70-200mm F4 on A6000

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Steven: alas, we don't have hummers on our side of the Pond...

Steven-T wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

However much more interesting are the shots - esp. of fast action targets - that you might have captured with combo. In particular wide open at long end, and of small[ish] targets (dogs, kids) running straight at the lens !!

How about a beautiful Humming Bird (green-ish blue-ish orange-ish colors?), on the tree at the other side of the pond? And you want to get a clear view of the little babe dancing up-and-down left-and-right behind the tree branches on a shady day? Most probably need major cropping at home too . . .


...other than the Moth Hawk variety (also pretty tough to photograph, and even tougher to FIND). So... yes, that would be highly interesting too. No hands-on experience, though, but... perhaps mine EF 300/4L IS in manual-focusing mode would have a chance, esp. as it is optimized for MFD only 1.2 meters??


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