FD to M43 focal reducer problem, also which FD lens do you suggest ?

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Re: FD to M43 focal reducer problem, also which FD lens do you suggest ?

adygadam wrote:

AV Janus wrote:

Sounds to me like you might need to modify the aperture tab, either on the lens caus its to long or on the adapter side. Sand ir down to a semi-circle profile.
I will post my pics tommorow. i had to mod the adapter tab for my 58mm f1.2 FL lens

The adapter is working fine, the only issue is with the focal reducer adapter, I hope I can use your method to fix this otherwise I will have to return this expensive piece and opt to use just the adapter which is fine.

It also depends on what side is the aperture sliding ring se while you are mounting the lens.

Unfortunately FD mount us very complicated to use quickly...

True, I never used FD lens in my life, but learned a lot during my comparison session between the adapter and the focal reducer, I could not find any noticeable differences in regards to the mount apart from what I have mentioned on my reply to Eric.



My issue was with FL lens that has stepped mount. Thankfully only 1mm was an issue and was able to modify the lever in the adapter side by sanding it down 1mm to a semi- circle.

Other issue was on a FD different plain adapter was that had the groove was slightly to tight for the RJ Focal Reducer (FR) So I had to remove the locking ring from the adapter and sand down cca. 0.5mm from the locking ring tabs to make the grove deeper when reassembled.

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