A6000 AF at the dog park

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Re: A6000 AF at the dog park

abdoozy wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

They look ok at websize so you got something from it but the 1024px images are pretty soft or out of focus. You were panning on some of them at least, that is never easy.
Even with the 1DIV and 135L at f4 its not easy to get sharp images, add that to ears and tails flapping around and getting a good leg position its a very tough task.



I was panning on virtually all of them.

Hard to get a shot of something running and keep it in the center of the frame otherwise, unless they are running straight towards you -- and I'm struggling to think of a situation where I would be relying on AF to get my shot if that was the case. I'd be zone focusing at a certain distance.

My example was running more or less straight on. Perfect focus on a handful, good focus on most. That's with a black dog against dark trees. From the early Sony videos it looked like the A6000 might be very capable of doing something similar. Doesn't look like it here.
Zone focus and even if your timing is perfect and you get eyes sharp rather than nose or body you only get a couple of shots off, chances of a good ear and leg position at the same time are slim.
Sometimes getting down lower separates the subject from the background.
The other thought is that the 55-210 OSS doesn't work well for fast panning, you could try with it off. The canon IS lenses have mode 1 and mode 2 where the mode 2 is specifically for panning shots.


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