What do you think of this MF lens? wide open at f2.8.

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Re: OK, let's have more fun. I will reveal the answer later.

yfan wrote:

This picture (magnolia) is taken with a Vivitar 200mm f3.5 at wide open - the worst spot of the lens. I find the softness and bokeh are actually quite pleasing. However the CA is out of control with little off focus. You are right on that. When step down to f5.6 the image is fairly sharp. But you will lose the nice softness and bokeh. I use it rarely, only for special effect and web pictures. I will keep this lens since it's not worth the trouble to sell it. Occasionally it produces some fun pictures like this one (grapes bellow), the picture is further softened in PP.

This is an attractive picture, and it's a good example of one where some softness is just what is needed.

Perhaps the OP should keep his lenses for such cases.

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