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Re: PART 2- This Week Through YOUR m4/3 2014.04.19 -PART 2

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

yyr wrote:

Wormsmeat wrote:

Florida - this ain't gonna work...

What about running two parallel threads? One for those whose username is A-L and a second for those where it's M-Z. Some people will get it wrong but a lot won't. People might actually notice if there are two running side by side (more or less)

We need to be careful with that. If folks start only giving feedback in their own version of the thread we will break up the community we've established. You can emphasize that they are free to give feedback in both, but will they? If you are scanning a thread anyway for feedback to the photos you posted, you are much more likely to see and comment on the other photos there.

We are only two weeks into doing this. I think that is the main problem. But, perhaps if some of us regulars made an effort to bump the Part 2 thread once it is started so people are more likely to see it in the list...

And of course, if some of us regulars post our photos in it instead of the Part 1 thread once its is established that would help to.

Even if only those who would have normally held off posting their photos until Part 1 filled up go looking for Part 2 we've still improved things from what they were.

If we end up establishing two separate groups we may keep the threads from filling up for the wrong reasons.

So I agree about not splitting the community but the truth is that yesterday Part 1 still filled up in a little over 12 hours. And that wasn't primarily due to a few extra pictures at the end of the thread which should have gone to part 2, it's down to the number of people participating. If posters had moved to part 2 when Wormy posted the message to do so the thread would have lasted another few hours at best.

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