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Re: crossing the IDL with a camera and GPS

teron wrote:

dherzstein wrote:

I’m curious; if you keep your camera on Zulu time, why would crossing the date-line matter?

The camera time-piece keeps both time-of-day and the day. When you cross the date line the UTC time-of-day does not change, but the date does....

No, it doesn't. The LOCAL time and date depend on your location, but UTC doesn't care where you are. A way to picture this is to imagine UTC as the local time and date in London during the season when you paddle your canoe over the dateline out in the Pacific Ocean. You have your camera with you and it is set to London's time and date: UTC. As you paddle your canoe across the dateline, yes, your local Pacific Ocean time zone changes date, but your camera isn't set to the local date. It's set to the date in London, which doesn't depend on you in any way. As you paddle across the dateline, the date doesn't change in London, so neither should it on your camera if you have it set to London Time (UTC).

That's why UTC is so useful. If you set the date and time correctly in any location, they will remain correct---both time and date---in all locations.

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