With your 5D3 raw files, what's your lightroom develop workflow?

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Re: With your 5D3 raw files, what's your lightroom develop workflow?

The Photo Ninja wrote:

What drivel! "irrelevant to the model." You have a "preset." Wow! You sound so arrogant, but not helpful at all. This is what I am referring to: http://kelbytv.com/photographytnt/2013/11/21/camera-profiles-in-lightroom-5/

I believe in sharing information so that we can all learn. However, if you have some secret preset that you don't want to share, then why bother posting? JEESH!

I don't have a 5D3, but your question is irrelevant to the model. I never mess with camera calibration/"profile". I have a preset made that I use to import my RAW files. Then adjust sliders until I am happy with the image.

Seriously Mr Ninja...!  The first response you get and you shout it down as drivel...!  Then you tell the responder that they are arrogant.  I'm amazed anyone bothered to respond at all after that.

I'll respectfully request that you might regard any answer as a valuable insight to how others work and feel.  If it's not something you agree with then that's fine, but don't ask a question if you don't want a variety of answers.

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