a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

When it comes to "IQ," the dslr doesn't have any advantage over other body types when using the same sensor sizes and comparably concurrent technology.  They may well both use the same sensors and lenses.  The body functionality comes down to application and what works for the photographer.

Recent developments in sensor technology has greatly improved the low light/high iso functionality of smaller sensors.   Smaller, lighter cameras and lenses can now come very close to or even exceed what was in the past functionality that could only be found in full frame sensors in larger dslrs.

So it's true that under many conditions, the smaller, newer cameras are going to handle a lot of shooting situations that needed more comprehensive kits.  I just took an NEX-6 to Italy and got interior shots that I'd never have been able to take with my D200.  OTOH, had I taken a D7100 and all three of my lenses and the flash and the tripod, I could have taken shots that I couldn't with the NEX-6.  However, I probably couldn't have kept up with my wife and daughter in walking all around the cities we visited, would have had to leave a lot of the kit "at home" when visiting places that don't allow flash and/or tripods and might have found out first hand what fire and rescue personnel do when someone collapses at the top of an elevator-less architectural masterpiece dome or belltower 400 some steps above ground level.

When it comes to output, RAW or jpg, dslrs and mirrorless cameras often have all of the same features or capabilites so choosing to shot RAW or jpgs or RAW+jpg or use special scene modes isn't limited to one or the other body type.  I'm still not fully used to my NEX nor can I do all of the same things with either kit.  But like a lot of "jobs," choose the right tool for the job at hand.  It's like choosing between my pickup truck and the hatchback.  One works a lot better for pulling a trailer and carrying lumber, one works a lot better for daily commuting.

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