Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Tonight's RSVP

Sergeg wrote:

I think you could be even more condescending if you really tried. Sure, the natural talent is there, but you just aren't putting your back into it, ya know?

I take it all back, I thought you might have a forthright honest approach,

"You there! Stand Still, Laddie!" ...

talk about condescending!

Like I said you take yourself too seriously.

Goodbye Mira shoots with her mouth.

So, first you invite me to submit photographs to participate in the conversation, and now you're inviting me to leave it?

And I'm taking myself too seriously (and I'm not "honest"?) because I joked around with Pink Floyd song lyrics in a post a while back? ("Wrong again! Ya can't have any pudding if you won't eat yer meat!")

Keep digging, would you? I'm curious to see how deep you'd like this hole of yours to be.

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