Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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F1.8 lens, as the sun was coming down (not a strong light).

Notes- I noticed that the V3 can indeed mis focus. This shot is not exactly in focus (but not horrible out of focus).

F1.8 the 18.5mm prime still seems pretty sharp but you have to watch for razor thin DOF if you are close.  Looks like the AF here when there's less light and a moving subject may not save you to get a tack sharp shot.  Maybe because it's a face.

Still not too bad.

This is from RAW, but I saw a few JPEG shots that suggests that I may shoot in JPEG sometime. I also noticed that though I have never been a fan of Nikon JPEG color, for some subjects and modes I tried it worked pretty decent and most importantly- Nikon does avoid posterization of colors very very well its seems.

This makes the JPEGS also partially editable.  I may definitively experiment with this (hey Nikon, if only you had an in-camera raw converter, darn it).

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