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Silverback46 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Silverback46 wrote:

Hey GB

Have you been shooting with the 70D?

Just the 6D.

Curious what your thoughts on the output of this camera.

Looks very good -- like every other camera out there today.

As for the SHG I think they are special but you may have to define what 'special' means!

I think the SHG lenses are nothing less than outstanding. The problem as I see it, however, is that they go exactly counter to the premise behind a smaller sensor system -- small and light. In contrast, many "special" lenses have come out for mFT that do not run contrary this premise.

Recall this post of mine from long ago:


Uncanny how similar it is to how mFT is going, don't you think? Well, since Canon doesn't listen to me:



it's nice to know that maybe Olympus does.

Thanks for replying GB. I thought maybe you had explored the 70D. As a buyer for large purchases it ticks a lot of boxes for the type of work we do. I have been able to play with some of the Canons lately and I was pleasantly surprised. It's always nice to ask people shooting them who would give an honest opinion.

Well, check out this thread on the EM1 vs 7D:


I know the 7D is not the 70D, but, to be honest, an EM1 system looks pretty effing "pro" to me.

I agree completely with you on the current cameras...they are all very good. Some of our specific needs limit the cameras we can look at. As for the lenses I was just poking you for using the word 'special'. I do know what you mean. They are excellent lenses and special for me since I don't have any! I do have some of the primes though for m4/3rds and they are outstanding for a small travel cam when I switch from my Sonys.

In the Canon forums, I have been involved in more than one discussion about Sigma's new line of "Art" lenses vs Canon's new IS primes. While I have opted for the faster and optically superior Sigma primes, I have a strong interest in Canon's smaller and lighter primes that are still optically outstanding and come with IS. In fact, I just got berated for saying that I feel that Canon's IS primes would suit more people than Sigma's "Art" primes:


In other words, I feel that my personal choices represent the minority, not the majority.  So, when it comes to FF vs smaller formats, I almost always recommend the smaller formats.  In my opinion, while the IQ differential between mFT, APS-C, and FF is most certainly there, they are all playing at a level "high enough" that the primary concern for the majority should be operation rather than IQ.

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