Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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Re: Sony has no interest in taking on the 5D3…….

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Ok this is probably complete conjecture but do you think or would you welcome Canon doing a competitor to the A7 and coming out with a mirrorless full frame body to use with it's existing lenses?

Do you think sony will take on the 5D3? They seem to be ready to let their a-mount die out. So do you think sony will have an "answer" for the 5D3 and 1D X for professional sports photographers? My guess is no. sony doesn't sit still long enough to do anything really good. Too many products. They say they are into making new products. But pro photographers don't want a new type of camera every 2 years, they need quality products and quality high end lenses and that isn't sony's motto.

Sony is struggling to find a permanent place among the big three and it seems (for the moment) that they have given up on going mano-a-mano with Canikon.

In the meantime the have 5 of the most inovative cameras on the market and many FF DSLR users are giving them up to buy Sony FF mirrorless.

The sensor and its associated elctronics is the heart of the camera body and that world is currently owned by Sony.

Having fun trolling?!  Canon is doing pretty darn well making their own camera, own CPUs, image sensors, and lenses.  They don't need zeiss to make lenses they don't have the ability to make.

My guess is that Sony/Zeiss will produce the required lenses bsfore Canon has the required sensor but that is nothing more than speculation on my part.

A trolling speculation at that. And it also depends on which mount you are talking about, the e-mount of the soon to be discontinued a-mount?  sony users can't rely on sony to dedicate to a product or system.

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