a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: Question for everyone about JPEG image quality

Leonard Migliore wrote:

jackdan wrote:

Assuming the OP does not process her photos, should the quality of the OOC JPEGs be a main consideration? I would have thought that since manufacturers know most users of P&S cameras are unlikely to PP that the OOC JPEGs would be better from P&S cameras. My wife primarily uses a Canon s110, but the OOC JPEGs need to be PP. On the other hand I can get a pretty good OOC JPEG from my Pentax K30 by careful selection of the camera settings.

Canon has pretty good JPEG controls, so I'm surprised that your wife's pictures need more processing.

Yes the G11 and s110 have about the same amount of controls for JPEGs as my DSLR, but most we found are best left at their default neutral settings. Contrast and sharpness can be used to reduce the amount of processing that needs to be done and I can see where many people would be satisfied with the OOC JPEGs, if they use the settings to optimize the IQ of the OOC JPEGs to their taste. My wife would probably be shooting RAW, but she was processing JPEGs before RAW became popular and is perfectly content to keep doing what she is good at.

You gear list shows a G12. I imagine you shoot RAW with it, but if you are good at processing JPEGs you can check for yourself how processing can improve the IQ of the JPEGs. Of course if you have an ideal histogram and good WB to begin with there may not be much to do.

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