Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Re: The Good Camera / Bad Lens Paradox

MarkJH wrote:

These good shots, Sergeg--good moments, color, light. But your lenses really aren't doing you any favors--they are not sharp at all. (They aren't nearly as crisp as the OP's photograph, and even the OP isn't happy about that!) The second one is particularly out.

Your samples and your invitation to look at them closely reaffirms, for me, that it's better to shoot a bad camera with excellent lenses than it is to shoot an excellent camera with lousy lenses.

I did emphasis they were hand held and shot wide open, if you pixel peep, as I invited you to do, then you do see the same you would for most brand optics. How you can claim that they are not on par with the OP example is beyond me. Keep peeping.

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