Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Re: Need SAT scores & personal references, too?

Why can't you click on my name and look at my gallery? Or click on my name and look at the hundreds of photographs I have posted in previous threads?

Why do I have to "audition" to post in this thread? Mine isn't the first critical comment, or even the most critical comment.

Why are you the judge of this audition?

I'm not the one claiming to have 40 years of professional experience.

I'm not the one claiming dissatisfaction with my camera's performance.

If I were, I'd be posting controlled test shots of a chart, taken in a studio environment, under even, 5450K light. And they would be RAW, not JPEG. I know I'm just an ingenue compared to the OP, but we work with what we have, no?

Judge of this audition? Hardly, I said I liked your honest forthright attitude, and did try to find your work before inviting you to show your stuff.

Don't take yourself too seriously.

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