Street and Casual photography: A6000 or A7

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Shoot for 1 month with RX100

I looked at your website and I see that you have nothing in your street gallery.

Before you buy a camera, go out with the RX100. Shoot it intensively. Work out how to make it work. It's very fast (faster than my a6000) when it comes to getting grab shots in tight spaces. Once you've spent a while being active in the street you'll get a feel for the technical priorities that are meaningful to you.

I have RX100 and a6000. The a6000 I've bought for 3 reasons:

  1. technical quality - for its size it'll deliver great results - A7 is too large and a small lens like the APS-C 16-50 power zoom (not a prime) is not available. It's a solid stop better than m4/3 cameras, which are not meaningfully smaller with equivalent lenses. When I want smaller I use the RX100. I used to use Sony R1, which is huge and I don't ever want to shoot with such a large camera again (mostly the weight, at least it is silent).
  2. I want to shoot with super wide lenses (I have an 8mm fisheye and will probably buy the 10-18mm lens, too)
  3. I like to use a viewfinder for certain kinds of photographs, and the RX100 doesn't provide that option - though RX100 mk 2 does, with the very expensive add-on viewfinder

I don't think you need to spend money on a new camera. I've been doing street for over 10 years with very clunky, by modern standards, digital cameras. As well as various film cameras including a medium format folding camera from the 1930s.

In the end you can make any camera do street photography. I suggest you spend some time with the gear you have to see what happens.

The a6000 shutter is very noisy, which I find a barrier to making certain kinds of close-in pictures.

The RX100 is great for very close street pix, especially as when held upside down in my hand, with my middle finger to fire the shutter, the lens pokes through between thumb and index finger, with the body mostly hidden inside my hand.

I have no idea whether she realised I took two pix as she tried to persuade me to accept the gift

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