What do you think of this MF lens? wide open at f2.8.

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The Incredible Hoke
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Re: What do you think of this MF lens? wide open at f2.8.

ultimitsu wrote:

yfan wrote:

I am thinking about put it on ebay. It's overlap with my other lens. But somehow I feel reluctant let it go.

Good photography oppotunities in life are too few and far between to use awkward lenses.

If you value your photography, use AF lenses.

I love AF lenses and use them when I can, but some of my best lenses are MF only. And some of my best cameras are not capable of AF. Honestly, for the work I value the most I'm usually not shooting with AF.

As far as these images in the thread go, I don't get it. Are these considered good examples? I'm not seeing it.

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