With your 5D3 raw files, what's your lightroom develop workflow?

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Re: With your 5D3 raw files, what's your lightroom develop workflow?

The Photo Ninja wrote:

What drivel! "irrelevant to the model." You have a "preset." Wow! You sound so arrogant, but not helpful at all. This is what I am referring to: http://kelbytv.com/photographytnt/2013/11/21/camera-profiles-in-lightroom-5/

I believe in sharing information so that we can all learn. However, if you have some secret preset that you don't want to share, then why bother posting? JEESH!

I don't have a 5D3, but your question is irrelevant to the model. I never mess with camera calibration/"profile". I have a preset made that I use to import my RAW files. Then adjust sliders until I am happy with the image.

If I were going into Lightroom 4.4 for the first time with a camera, any camera, it wouldn't matter what camera it was (like the guy said). I would tweak the sliders in the Develop Module to where I thought the image looked good then save those settings as a "preset" (like the guy said).  You don't need to worry about every possible slider at first, just exposure, highlights, shadows, blacks, whites, clarity, noise reduction, lens profiles etc.  If you get confused, join the club, we all did but we all just worked it out our own selves.  And Julieanne Kost's wonderful blog videos.

I have presets for three different cameras combined with three different lenses and both for jpegs and raws so that makes...uh...my head is spinning...a bunch of presets but that means most of the work is done upon Import.  Sure, each image might take some additional tweaking but that's where the fun is.

Each person's idea of what a properly tweaked image looks like is different.  Just take some image into Lightroom without any preset, go into Develop and play around then make a preset of that (look over on the left side of the screen and there will be a plus sign to create a new preset).  Then apply that to some other image, see if it averages out satisfactorily.  Remember, as far as I'm concerned, the "preset upon import" is just the start.

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