Very simple D3 questions

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Re: Very simple D3 questions

Have you done an autofocus fine tuning with the 80-400mm and your D3? I would start there and also test it with another lens. If you find something with strong vertical and horizontal lines to photograph you can examine the images on your monitor and look for problems side to side or top to bottom that may be from alignment issues with the camera's AF components.

If you have sample shots in RAW that you can burn to a CD and include when you send the camera to Nikon they may be able to adjust the AF mechanisms for you if that is the problem. I have not heard of this problem with the D3 but that does not mean it cannot happen.

In general usage I found the AF for the D2x to be better than that of the D3. The D2x as a DX camera has better coverage of the viewfinder with its autocus sensors and in particular the cross type ones.

Nikon has a couple of excellent download PDFs that cover the autofocus system in the D3 and best setting for different action shooting situations. Worth a read.

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