Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Re: Tripod bunkum.

digital ed wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

I haven't seen any difference at all between tripod and handheld with my D800e at the 400% peep provided I had a decently high shutter speed. Piece of cake!

Yep. I can also get critically sharp shots hand held with my D800Es (assuming a good lens) so the hackneyed old bunkum about mandatory tripod use must pertain more to caffeine addicts and congenitally nervous folks, I think. You should easily be able to get into "wow" territory hand held.

I do like to pixel peep, by the way and am very sensitive to unsharp images.

Critically sharp is subjective. Do you get consistent optimum sharpness? With excellent technique I am sure you can. For me I can get excellent sharpness hand held but not always the optimum that could be achieved.

I am off to take some pictures of Huey helicopters static and flying, hand held.

Ok, how about "no visible image degradation due to camera shake when viewed at 100%". That is far less so and that is my criterion for "critically sharp". I have thousands of hand held shots which satisfy this.

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