a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

Glen Barrington wrote:

Well, you are talking about the present, my article talks about the future. I agree with your analysis of the present and the near past.

Of course not. Where would I take hybrid VF or Canon mirrorless compatible to old DSLR lenses... EOS M is full steps behind.

What I'm trying to say in that article is, that we are in an important pivot point in photographic history. I'm trying to say that Samsung not only doesn't see itself as fitting into that model that you describe in your post, but that it thinks that model is nearing the end of its useful economic life. I'm trying to say that I think that the ubiquity of the smartphone is changing how we perceive photography, and that I've not seen much recognition from Canon and Nikon that they understand that situation.

I believe this only leads to fragmentation or more like separating snap shooters and real photo enthusiasts and pros. Image quality still is not on that top level for everybody in every cheap camera body for every situation. Still steps behind what people would like to pay for. If you really talk about next 10 years, you might have a point. I like to read this kind of stuff, but not just me I must live the near future also, and it is not good for what devices are you talk about. Any disruptive technology is not going to come.

I care about photography, I DON'T really care about Samsung, Nikon, Canon, or Olympus. If they survive, great! If they don't, too bad. However, I personally think Samsung, and to a lesser extent, the m4/3s crew are trying to develop a model more in line with how I think the future of photography is going to look.

They really are not that dumb. I believe they just believe that the right moment didn´t come yet, so they can comfortably milk current technology and system. Once your point comes into reality, they´ll be very agile to change their product lineand keep some backward compatibility. Pros or people binded with old glass are not going anyway, which lets them hold and keep that very slow and smooth replacement of technology. They know very well that If they literally drop their current customers and make all current lenses unusable and obsolete, it would be damn easy (powered by anger) to think it trough and just rebrand as angry customer. This is not gonna happen. Not a chance.

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