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The Smoking Camera wrote:

So with the V3 about to be released I took a quick look at specs to see if an upgrade is worthwhile. From what I can see the V3 improves the following over the V1:

18 vs 10mp.

I don't care about such a small jump in pixels, frankly. So this is unimpressive. What I want is a real tangible improvement in image quality (similar in the change we saw from the D200 to the D300). Give me that and I will sit up and take notice.

No optical low pass filter.


Increased number of AF points.

Double Yawn.

20 vs 10fps with AF-C.

Nice upgrade! This is worth looking at.

Maximum iso increased to 12,800 from 6400.


Built in wifi and remote capability.

Nice! This is a huge upgrade.

Improved video.

Nice! I bought the V1 primarily for video, and learned to love everything else about it.

PSAM mode dial.

PSAM dials are for losers who can't decide what mode to shoot in. I shoot in A 90% of the time.

Programmable function buttons.

Huge huge upgrade. The F button the V1 is useless except for perhaps once a year.

Built in flash.

Yawn. 99% of my photography doesn't need flash.

Vari-angle LCD screen.


For now I'm not buying the V3...still waiting for dpreview to post a review. Hey dpreview! Stop drooling over the stupid Canon G1X Mark II and give us a review of the Nikon V3!!

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