Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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Re: Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

Dibyendu Majumdar wrote:

I think Nikon has prioritized bokeh rendition in 35mm f1.4, 58mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.4. This may explain why Nikon has chosen to:

1) Avoid close range correction

2) Retain spherical aberration (hence haziness) at close focus distances

3) Not correct longitudinal chromatic aberration

4) Not go for a completely flat field

I think a combination of all these factors gives you nice bokeh, but the price is that at close or medium distances the lens will not be as sharp as others that have prioritized sharpness

That certainly makes a lot of sense. Particularly with the 58. Getting smooth OOF rendering and high acuity seems to be a tough nut to crack in the 50ish mm focal range and Nikon seems to have tackled bokeh and coma in leiu of the above outlined aberration corrections. It certainly is an interesting lens, and a bold choice given the tendency these days for lenses to undergo heavy scrutiny for absolute resolution first and foremost.

Given the price and target audience though, I think those individuals that purchase the 58 know what look they are going for and are less concerned with the resolution. I just think a lot of people expected an Otus competitor due to the timing of the announcements of the two lenses, but the two target very different shooting styles and intentions.

Aaron Killen

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