I've been spending too much time online...

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I've been spending too much time online...

I'm looking to upgrade my j1.  which I have been happy with as my first camera. So...I started reading about the v3, that led to reading about the competition from sony.

im reading a lot of bashing about the nikon 1 series.  It's getting in my head.  I went to the store yesterday and played with the v3 and to me I thought it looked and felt great!  But all over online all I keep hearing about is how it's overpriced and the sensor is ridiculous.  If I had just bought one and never read any reviews, I'm sure I would have been happy, but now I have a head full of doubts.

For instance, if I had no lenses or anything and was starting from scratch, is there anything the one system offers over the a6000?  For a while it was how fast the focusing on the one is, but if sony has matched that.   There is the size difference in the one.  I really like that.  the lenses are cheaper than sony emounnt. For example the 30-110 vs 55-210 is $250-$350.  I'm not sure if that is a quality difference or size difference.

its a little concerning that most US stores, from big to small have a large selection of sony alpha stuff, but seem to be cutting the. Nikon one. Here locally, if I wanted the 18.5mm, I couldn't get it, but there are several places that have a large selection of sony lenses.  Even the $1000 zeiss are on shelf.

I just want a camera that is a mini dslr.  That allows me to grow for at least three years, learn to quickly shoot manual as I moved from automatic to a or s priority, and have a decent selection of lenses to upgrade one every couple months.  The ft-1 adapter sounds like it really helps in this regard. It would give me access to a huge selection of specialty primes that nikon, sigma and tamrom have made over the years.

long story short, it's just for fun,  it's just a hobby.  I like my hobbies, part of the fun of them is this, it's fun not only to take qulaity pictures, but to dream about that new lens I want (either 70-300 or a zeiss, system depending) read photography books, look at other peoples work and get inspired, and to have something to do and a purpose.  A hike to me is just a hike, but if I'm trying to hike a hill to gp get a view opfor a great shot, that makes it a fun day, whether the shot turns out right or not.  I'm not anywhere near hopefully ever breaking it down by pixels and criticising every little detail.  But I do want top notch photos and a system that's not on the verge of extinction like some people make it out to be.

read enough online and it seems nikon was a failed mistake, where sony is the leader in mirror less technology.  I don't see anyone going to the sony alpha blard and trolling their system, so are they right?

Nikon 1 J1 Nikon 1 V3 Sony a6000
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