FD to M43 focal reducer problem, also which FD lens do you suggest ?

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Re: FD to M43 focal reducer problem, also which FD lens do you suggest ?

Lumixdude wrote:

One simple answer... Breach lock lenses are a pain in the butt to adapt... If you're going to buy FD lenses, buy FDn lenses which are the newer type without the beach lock (silver ring) they're much easier to fit on an adapter.

This is what I bought

Canon FD 50mm F1.4 Mounting side

Canon FD 50mm F1.4 Front

Is that lens what you refer to as FDn ? Looks like it does not have a chrome ring however it still has the same mounting mechanism ?

Your issue is common to anyone who has started out with legacy lenses on Micro Four Thirds camera bodies. Just take the simple route next time and say to yourself, "you cannot mount breach lock lenses on µ4/3 bodies."

What you need to understand is that halfway through Canon's FD lens development, they got rid of the "silver ring" and that lenses without the "silver ring" are actually newer and generally although not always sharper... they are also generally double coated to reduce chromatic aberration as opposed to single coated lenses. I.E. Spectra Coated lenses versus Super Spectra Coated.

Is S.S.C lens a good choice ? according to Wikipedia the newer ones got not S.S.C marking however they are multi-coated, the main question is how to distinguish the newer ones with multi-coating when they are not marked clearly ? is the absence of a chrome ring the main reference to a newer lens with improved coating ?

The difference is minuet on Micro Four Thirds due to the reduction in image circle which alleviates most of the CA issues and even more so minuet with a Panasonic body and automatic CA processing although it's still worthwhile buying FDn lenses as they are less of a pain in the butt to mount than their breach lock FD companions.

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I am experiencing sometimes a slight purple fringing on my Canon FD 50mm F1.4 wide open when shooting in a contrasting setup (i.e. a subject near a white curtain window)

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