Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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Re: Bokeh -fair thoughts

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What do you guys think of below? Note that these are taken from and are actually meant to show longitudinal chromatic aberration.

I think that the Nikkor's rendition of background is particularly interesting.

Hmm, pity the Nikkor does not seem to be focused on anything in the chart, as the other two are. That would make for a better comparison.

I think the 58 is really focused on about the "1" on the lens align chart, but the lens has low contrast at f/1.4 and near MFD, so it looks hazy at that f/stop. To be fair, I believe the 58 shows better acuity at longer focus distances than this. Near MFD is not the 58's strong suit.

Which certain makes this another interesting piece of the puzzle showing what each of these lenses can do. In this case, tough high contrast targets at close focus. It will be nice to also see how each of these compare in slightly more distant focal distances in an apples to apples comparison. Most of the stuff I have seen floating out there doesn't have all three in the same real world shots, e.g. the same lighting, time, composition, etc.

Each seem to have their appeal to different types of photography styles. It is also quite interesting that each of the 50ish mm manufactured lens has very similar OOF rendering characteristics to each of their shorter focal length brothers. They have a bit of a signature style for each pair the designers seemed to select for.

Aaron Killen

Well considered discussion and worthwhile.


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