Please recommend a flash for my EM1

Started Apr 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Please recommend a flash for my EM1

PeterTX wrote:

Sure, it looks great but I am not professional so $400+ for a flash is way too much for me.

Any other suggestion that is more reasonable price wise?

I'm perfectly satisfied with a Metz 36 using a Panasonic. It's all TTL, but along with a StoFen Omnibounce and remote cord for off camera, I can do anything I need indoors or out.

The Nissin Di466 is TTL/manual and seems popular.

Both the Metz 36 and NIssin are in the $130 US price range. Mine popped up at Amazon Warehouse for $90.

The only reason I would need the manual option is for strong backlighting and with legacy lenses. It must not understand the lack of auto-stop down.

I initially tried it as a starter flash, but I really don't think I'll ever need more.

It would be nice to have the swivel head, but that's just one more thing to break, and I have the remote cord and diffuser.

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