Oly 17mm 1.8, Oly 25mm 1.8 or the sigma 19mm?

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Re: Oly 17mm 1.8, Oly 25mm 1.8 or the sigma 19mm?

dpreviewreader wrote:

You are cherry picking reviews. Classic example of selection bias. Based on images I have seen posted the 17mm lens seems to be just fine when it comes to sharpness.
Some time back there was a thread comparing an image from the 17mm and the 20mm lenses. The raw files were made available and I processed both and the difference in sharpness wasn't worth whining about.

OK, provide your selection of reviews. because he has provided links to well know review sites (that actually measure something instead of posting impressions), while you didn't bother to provide anything than your opinion. This is what I call bias.

Imaging resource review of EP5, Optics tab. Then there is the ePhotozine review of the lens. And I can throw in the Pcmag review for good measure.

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