Street and Casual photography: A6000 or A7

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Re: Street and Casual photography: A6000 or A7

mfahim27753 wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of purchasing a camera for casual walk out and about and for street photography. I have Nikon D800e but that and a lens is not very suitable for street photography, as it attracts attention anywhere I take it. Not that I like to show off but it is a problem for street photography where I really don't want any attention.

So I was thinking of getting a NEX camera, but now that the A6000 came out, as well these small little full frame cameras, I am a bit confused between these two models. I can just about stretch my budget to get a A7 with 28-70 kit lens, or I can get an A6000 with either 16-50 or 18-55 lens.

So I want your advise, and what would you choose for street photography? Both has articulated screen which is a major plus for street photography.

Please advise. I really appreciate your input.

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Get the A6000 with E1650 kit lens:

  • If daytime, the A6000 plus E1650 looks like a P&S, and people will mostly ignore you. 
  • If nighttime, the E1650 is too slow, consider the E35 or E50 lenses instead. 

If you like the 'Leica-look, consider the E20 with and without the VCL-ECU1 wide-angle adapter. It lets you shoot at 20 and 15mm (30 and 23mm FF equiv), you just won't get that shallow DOF that you can get with a fast lens on FF.

The A7 with E2870 is a lot larger, and 'less stealthy'. Its AF speed, albeit decent, will trail the A6000's, and to better f/1.8 on APS-C (f/2.8 on FF), you'd need f/2 lenses or faster, of which only one AF lens (FE55) is available thus far. If you use MF lenses, you can do so, but you lose AF. It is doable, but a very different technique than the A6000 would require. If you use the E2870, you are roughly one stop ahead of the A6000 with (any of the SEL) zoom lens, but behind the E35 and E50 lenses.

As to the FE35? I bet that the A7 with FE35 more or less is equivalent to the A6000 with E24Z, with the latter having faster AF. Something else to ponder...

The A7 with FE55/1.8 (no OSS), or any f/2.0 (or faster) legacy prime (no OSS), will be ahead of the A6000, when used wide open, with only the FE55 offering AF.

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