Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Re: Some key pluses/minuses

Raist3d wrote:

first of all, thanks for sharing your first impressions. workflow matters. by describing yours in such great detail, it helps to filter some of the impressions through our personal sieves.


- Articulated LCD is the win I expected for street life. Many people don't care though I did get caught up by a group of guys once last night, but a lot of people don't care or seem to care less

i did not expect the LCD to perform well in bright light, so your positive encounters truly surprised me. if they prove consistent over a wide array of light, this is an unexpected bonus point.


- No in camera RAW converter- I know I will definitively miss this from the Ricoh GR/Pentax Q. It really hurts play time/experimentation.

in truth, this is not the kind of workflow i 'd ever consider. i prefer to do my raw conversion on a large screen, where the digital artifacts become much more evident. doing them in camera is more of what i'd expect from a toy-camera, where one never really gets to see all the ugly parts. they just get folded into the original.

- There is a distinct impression that Nikon does not want my money, but wants to steal it. Custom accessory port, camera price, no bigger tier RAW converter included at this level of pricing,

well, there is viewNx, which will cook up your raw files to the point where they can be "finished" in other software.

throwing the FT1 instead of the option for a lens (I really don't care for the FT1), so you will maybe buy some more Nikon lenses, non 2-axis pivotal newer flash, only one option to buy the Nikon 1 V3 in the usa so you will get that kit lens if you already have one and are upgrading from a previous Nikon 1, etc.

Anyone else feels that one? It bugs me.

the price is what it is. price, at least in my view, is less relevant than the inherent "value" this camera brings to my toolbox of photography. i already own a system that neatly dovetails into my workflow, and my workflow into my system. it's symbiotic. other than speed, and a bump in resolution, there doesn't seem to be any exponential increase in value (what others might call the "WOW" factor) over output from my V1. again, that's just me running your comments through my sieve as applied to my workflow analysis. this doesn't bug me, per se, but it does suggest the greater value — seeing that i'm already vested in the N1 line of cameras — is to dedicate my resources toward better optics. better optics can only improve output.

I see Fuji takes care of their user base. Ricoh is very focused on providing what people expect of them. Pentax does great features set/ergonomics at a great price (note: I know Ricoh and Pentax are now one).

having had several decades of experience with fujifilm, i will share they've always made top shelf product. they understand color as well as, or better, than any other camera maker. that said, i've seen them switch mounts, and even abandon their user base. at least several iterations. when the going got tough, fujifilm left. the same can't be said about Olympus. they've hung in during good times and bad. historically, they've also made excellent optics for themselves and third parties (like kodak). i've viewed them as serving specialty niches, doing what they do well, but not too interested experimenting on the fringe. that's where nikon and canon excelled over the other camera makers. they engineered their way to success, serving the general photography market, and the specialty niche. this  speaks to their virility and stamina in the marketplace.

of course all things change. the thing to emphasize is that most cameras made today, have a fraction of the life-span mechanical cameras had in the era of film. the V3, will be replaced with a better V4. it may come down in price before then, but if it brings enough value to one's photography today, there's no reason why the current price point makes it any worse a camera. perhaps just not the optimal option today. carpae diem, for tomorrow is another day. JMO.

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