a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: Question for everyone about JPEG image quality

BobSC wrote:

jackdan wrote:

I am not saying DSLRs produce better OOC JPEGs. What does produce the best OOC JPEGs? Would a cheaper P&S be more likely to produce OOC JPEGs that do not need to be processed, since a cheaper camera would not be intended for an enthusiast?

Depends in part on what you consider desirable image qualities, right? Just guessing,

I think it is when my wife says, "wow, that is much better" that she thinks she has improved the image quality, but as you say it is a matter of personal taste.

I would expect Sony to do a good job of making OOC jpgs that "look good" to most consumers.

I agree that would be a good guess.

I would think Panasonic would also do well.

We had a good Panasonic, but can't remember the model. The photos were fantastic, but still benefited a quite a bit from PP. We gave it to a granddaughter when we got a s95.

That means they will be sharpened and saturated. Perhaps too much of both.

I find my s95 to produce better looking jpgs than I can get from RAW without a lot of effort. What sort of processing are you doing to what comes out of the s110? I wonder if there are settings you could change to get something more appealing...

Her s110 has the contrast turned up 1of 2 notches, and sharpness up max at 2 notches. The other settings are at neutral.

She uses curves to increase contrast more as needed and to increase detail in highlights/shadows if needed and does some trial and error tweaks of the curve. She sharpens more with unsharp mask. Keep in mind that she doesn't print anything larger than 8 x10 and puts a lot of photos on Facebook, although she has a very nice 20 inch photo of the NYC skyline at night that was taken handheld.

Her other primary tools are fill light, vibrancy, clarity, histogram, levels, low/mid/highlight brightness, and WB. For the web she usually resizes to about 1000 or 800 pixels on the long side.

Our daughter uses her old s95 and is perfectly happy with the OOC JPEGs after the settings are tweaked to her satisfaction, but my wife always did PP the photos from it. The only reason my wife got the s110 was to give the S95 to our daughter. The s95 Is a classic.

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