Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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My thinking was "WOW, just get a V2"

DesertCat wrote:

As far as the wow factor on imaging. I think you are right. Just as many V1 owners didn't feel the V2 gave a compelling imaging upgrade, now the V3 doesn't appear to be a compelling imaging upgrade over the V2. Many V1 owners won't even feel the need to upgrade to the V3, especially for the price differential, unless they want more pixels to work with.

Despite many finely crafted fictions in the mind of some, Nikon's approach this round indicates that, in the U.S. at least, they have been making money on the V series and losing money on the J series. Thus, they have cut the J series from the market and have focused on selling the V series at high margins. A strategy of low volume but high price tags seems to be their path to profitability on Nikon 1 in the U.S. One of their recent financial statements had some comments about higher-margin products being their path forward (though not specific to N1). For enthusiasts, however, this seems bonkers. When we look at the V3 and its high price tag, its questionable features become more glaring. No major upgrade in IQ, the decision to making it modular and then forcing the EVF and grip on U.S. consumers anyway, and a host of other quibbles make it a non-wow product for many.

When I saw what the V3 was, and also saw the DxOMark scores, the first thing I though was, This sounds like a small incremental upgrade, at a big bump in price.  And in some ways, specifically the de-integration of the EVF, and moving to MicroSD cards, a step in the wrong direction.

My gut reaction was, If I can get a V2 for the vicinity of $400 for the body on a clear-out fire sale, that's the way I'd go.   The biggest surprise to me is that Canada has had those fire sales on V2s, but the U.S. has not.  Fortunately, Canadian shops do sell to the U.S.

So now I have a V1 body that cost me under $200 (actually, $270 with a 10mm lens that's worth ~$100)  and a V2 kit on the way from Henrys in Toronto that cost me $410 including a 10-30mm lens that's worth ~$70.

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