Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Re: Some key pluses/minuses

Raist3d wrote:

- There is a distinct impression that Nikon does not want my money, but wants to steal it. Custom accessory port, camera price, no bigger tier RAW converter included at this level of pricing, throwing the FT1 instead of the option for a lens (I really don't care for the FT1), so you will maybe buy some more Nikon lenses, non 2-axis pivotal newer flash, only one option to buy the Nikon 1 V3 in the usa so you will get that kit lens if you already have one and are upgrading from a previous Nikon 1, etc.

Anyone else feels that one? It bugs me.

I see Fuji takes care of their user base. Ricoh is very focused on providing what people expect of them. Pentax does great features set/ergonomics at a great price (note: I know Ricoh and Pentax are now one).

yes you count me in on that impression!

Unless the V3 pricing drops significantly or there is some magic setting to get that 'WOW' factor I'll plan on the 70-300 as being my 2014 N1 addition.

I have always embraced the ricoh line and for many years people laughed when I even mentioned them, times change don't they?

thank you for all your effort and time spent


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