Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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Re: Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

I don't think Canon will have a ML FF anytime soon. It might have a beef-up EOS-M3 later this year on rumor. But if Canon acquired Panasonic camera section on a remote rumor then it means Canon will be serious in ML market.

But in the other side, ML doesn't replace DSLR in many fields and has its limitation. Sony still doesn't have many FE lenses. Except two successful FE prime lenses, its zoom lenses so far either disappointed in its FE 24-70/4.0 OSS or not very ideal as in FE 70-200/4.0 OSS (which still not as good as Nikon 70-200/4.0 VR although pretty close but priced and weighted almost the same, and noticeably heavier than Canon 70-200L4.0 IS but not much better). Until Sony can develop more good quality FE lenses its FE-mount ML success is limited.

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