Olympus lens calibration

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Re: Olympus lens calibration

webstop1 wrote:

Thanks to all for some good information.

I did not do any specific tests and it was just general observation on my part. When I purchased Olympus 45 mm lens I expected it to be generally sharper than the kit lens, something closer to Canon 50 mm 1.4 in pure sharpness. Not even close. In reality overall results were not much different than 14-42 II lens.

I happen to leave close to Canon. After purchase I brought them 50 mm lens for calibration. They did it under warranty and it has been perfect ever since.

So I wonder, if I can do the same with Olympus.

If you think your 45mm is less sharp than your kit lens at the same apertures, then your 45mm probably has a problem.  Occasionally this will happen.....I had the 45mm and it was blisteringly sharp pretty much throughout its aperture range, so I suspect that if your kit lens is sharper than your copy of the 45mm, you most likely have a bad one, and you should return it for exchange.

With CDAF, there is no front or back focus to calibrate for as the AF sensors are on the sensor itself, not off sensor in a different plane.  The motors moving the lenses for AF are also different, so there is nothing to calibrate there either (as there is in the large Canon lenses).

Essentially, if the lens has a focus issue, the thing to do is to swap it for another one.


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