Card Error on OMD EM1

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Re: Card Error on OMD EM1

SteveS58 wrote:

Thanks for the instructions on how to reformat the card. I've simply been erasing my images after downloading them. The card reformatted in the camera without a problem. So now I'll test it this weekend. Thanks again to all for your help.

That should do the trick. IIUC when we erase, we're only marking files as eligible to be written over, not actually deleted. Formatting is supposed to erase everything and basically, "tidy up."

Mike Johnson of TOP quizzed a guy from one of the memory card companies, who told him to format cards between each use. Once upon a time there was a limit to how many times a card could be formatted. It's either no longer the case or the number is so huge as to be impossible to reach.



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