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Re: V3 seems to be missing the "WOW' factor.

Microshooter wrote:

BACKGROUND: I remember when I went from the D90 to the D800 and was reading the forums. ALL...and that's not an exaggeration....responses were raving with the qualities of the camera and the detail, DR, etc., in the images. Yes, there were problems with left focus and many of us had to 'up' our techniques to assure we could capture detail. But the there was a WOW factor from everyone who had used almost ANY previousl Nikon camera.

CURRENT: Ricardo, this hands-on review has been terrific and a lot of work (service to the forum). You are really to be commended for your time and responses. But I do not here a "WOW.....this is a terrific upgrade", and that "this V3 is what I was looking for". In fact, you are possibly considering returning it. I personally appreciate the candor!!!

Ok, I appreciate the comments but need to make a comment on this- remember my evaluation is coming from a particular background very different from those who are looking at it as an upgrade.

- I never had a Nikon 1 system camera- ever

- I have had/have DSLR's and other mirror less system

- I have had/have premium compact systems (LX5, Ricoh GR, Pentax Q)

It's only natural to some extent that from this background I am going to approach this with a certain care. This may not be the case for say someone who has a Nikon 1 V1 and is considering upgrading or a J series.

My "WOW" would have to come from that background. A couple of the cameras I have already have a "WOW" if you will.

I know that you are comparing the V3 as much for its ability to meet YOUR needs as you are to evaluate the capabilities...not a criticism at all....your are evaluating for your needs and still checking all things out for others. Again thanks!!

Just read this now (duh), ok good. That's what I meant.

My Conclusion: I am happy with my V1 and just wish that it had better low light capability without the noise and I wish it had the 18MP to allow me to crop a little (seems no matter how close I get I always want to get closer). So I was hoping for a WOW Factor like the D800 gave us. Seems like its not there (yet) and I will stay with my V1 or perhaps upgrade to the V2 (14MP) when the prices come down a little more.

The #1 thing to me the v3 buys you over the v1 is ergonomics. I never liked the V1 ergonomics but if you are happy with them, yeah.

This is only my point of view and if the 'pro reviewers' come back with raving reviews it won't really matter to me... because if common users (like 90% of us) are not 'wow'ed' by the V3, I probably won't be either and it isn't worth a few (maybe several) functional advantages when the IQ improvement is not significant. (I definitely do not like having to remove the grip from the camera to replace the battery...especially if it is on my tripod!)

I think the V3 will be hammered a bit in reviews because of the price.

If I did not have a V1/2 I would be jumping at the V3... probably. But as it stands now, I am patiently awaiting my CX 70-300VR to put on my V1. And then maybe on my V4/5/6. I definitely think the V series is a great little camera to compliment my D800 and I will be sticking with both.

I'm curious what others (who have the V1/2) feel about these early findings. Ricardo has done a great job doing comparisons for us!!!

Thanks for the words, in truth I feel that I haven't done enough because I haven't done much photography. But it's also true I am very very busy at work and haven't had much time

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