Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Implicitly, the competition here is between V3 and GR. Under the conditions of use as defined by Ricardo, it is very likely that the GR will not be defeated.

But I think that the idea of pushing the V3 out of its domain is potentially very fruitful. It's a sort of crash test that will teach us a lot about the V3 and its optimal operating conditions.

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I agree. I am simply interested in seeing how well the V3 performs when used for action photography in well-lit conditions as it was obviously intended.

Do keep in mind Nikon does advertise it also for low light, not just sports. And an F1.2 85mm equivalent prime lens doesn't strike me as a sports lens, neither the F1.8 50mm equivalent...

If it is as good as advertised, and also turns out to perform action photography well in low-light conditions, such as stadiums and gyms, I will purchase one.

Keep in mind for sports you will most likely use a zoom, not a prime. There is no prime lens in the line up that is long native to the system.  This means Nikon 1 zooms or FT1 adapter + DSLR lens.

The work I am trying to do in low light should tell you a bit about available light in a closed stadium.

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