Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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V3 vs V2 vs Ricoh GR for Street

I'd be interested in the V3 for the same reason (street), so would love to hear your opinon Ricardo on how it 'stacks up':

- The Sony RX100 is smaller and lighter and potentially a good street shooter... but is more obvious with its extending lens and more difficult to grip

- The Ricoh GR if of course a great street shooter... but more or less limits you to the 28mm FoV (granted, with the ability to do some cropping and even in-camera crop punch-ins)

- The V2 looks like the grip would be better for street shooting. I wonder how the V3 with grip compares to the V2 (size, grip-ability)

- The V3 with grip may provide great street ergonomics. The fast AF of the 1 series can be useful. I like the ability to change lenses / focal lengths - even to the extreme of using the wide-angle for in-close shots or alternately using the new 70-200 for extreme candids.

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