G1X Mk II: Battery, Filter-Adapter as No-Names?

Started Apr 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
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G1X Mk II: Battery, Filter-Adapter as No-Names?

Hello, soon the PowerShot G1X Mk II will arrive at my place and one day later i go traveling. So i need to think about spare batteries and filter-adapter right now, without having the camera itself. I'm in Old Europe. My questions:

Spare Battery NB-12L

Obviously, you need the Canon Battery NB-12L. The original Canon battery costs an ambitious 65 Euro and is not widely available (but i see some vendors).

After some online rummaging, I do not see any no-name replacements for the NB-12L. I would love a no-name replacement. I had very good no-name batteries for other Canon cameras which had cost only 25 or 40 percent of the original Canon battery's price.

Are there any no-name replacements for the NB-12L?

Filter-Adapter FA-DC58E for G1X Mk II

  • FA-DC58E – that's the filter adapter needed for PowerShot G1X Mk II. An ambitious 40 Euro, only few vendors have it instantly ready. I don't see no-name versions.
  • FA-DC58C – that's the filter adapter for the older PowerShot G1X – and i DO own a third-party version that worked well on the older G1X, the Kiwifoto LA-58G1X. On product photos, the filter adapters for old and new G1X look alike.

So, my questions:

  • Can i use the old filter adapter from the older G1X on the brandnew G1X Mk II?
  • If i do need a new filter adapter (sigh), is there any recommendable no-name version available in Europe?

I would definitely like a slim filter adapter (looking like a glass-less filter itself, the original Canon is one example). I wouldn't like the large tube style adapter (i saw tube style adapters for the G1X cameras as well, from third-party manufacturers).

I do need to order this stuff this Tuesday, April 22nd, otherwise it would be too late.

Thanks for your insights and recommendations! And happy Easter!

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