What warnings / suggestions should I give my sister when I hand over my D90?

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Re: Thanks everyone!

TacticDesigns wrote:

Pi lover wrote:

TacticDesigns wrote:

I think I'll keep it simple.

I'll tell her about not using old flash units, because she has some old flash units from the old film days lying around. And if she uses an old flash, she may end up overloading the camera and frying the circuits and killing the camera. So . . . I figure I have to tell her about that.

And maybe a little about manual iso vs. auto iso and what the settings mean. That there is different metering modes. And manual vs. autofocus and AF-C vs AF-S vs AF-A. So . . . the stuff that is different than her Pentax K1000 . . . LOL.

And that there is a "My Menu", which I totally missed at first.

Thanks everyone!

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Does your sister think you're a nerd ?


Yeah. Probably.

But she's actually into photography a lot. But more so back in the film days.

So its not so much exposure triangle and stuff like that that I was thinking of telling her about. She knows all that . . . but more so things that are different from the film days to now . . .

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Ditto here.  

She's  going to have some fun.  It's so nice being able to delete when ever you want and not pay processing.

Best wishes.


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