a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

Glen Barrington wrote:

you might find an article I wrote interesting.


Interesting article, especially the title, which reads in part, "Samsung may be the future!"

For me, Samsung represents past and present, seeing as how I bought and still use their first DSLR, but perhaps not the future--since they no longer make DSLR's, they no longer have anything of interest to sell me.  DSLR's, and SLR's before that, are my choice of camera type mainly because I have yet to look through a viewfinder that makes it easier for me to see and compose pictures with.  With good local shops, I'm able to take the latest and greatest EVF cameras outside the shop and make some comparisons, yet even my humble, crop-sensor Samsung GX-1S has, to my eyes, a better viewfinder.  Maybe things will be different in years to come.

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