What warnings / suggestions should I give my sister when I hand over my D90?

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Re: What warnings / suggestions should I give my sister when I hand over my D90?

BirgerH wrote:

You are giving away a D90. I'm shocked

No. Not giving it away. I'm not that good of a brother! LOL.

I'm selling off a bunch of stuff to pull some money together for my next camera and finally, painfully decided to sell my D90. My sister was big into cameras with her Pentax K1000 and I learned a lot from her, but she never got into dSLRs. I asked her if she was interested and she said yes . . . so I'm selling it to her. But at a lot less than I could get for it otherwise.

So she's trying to help me out to get my next camera . . . but I'm trying to help her out by making it as painless as possible to get into dSLR. I'm fully loading it up with a lens, hood, extra battery, silicone case, memory card, a Pentax K to Nikon adapter so she can use her K-mount lenses.

Must be a h.ll of a sister - or a d.mm good Brother.

No - honestly - just tell her to try out everything as explained in the manual - and find her some (and Theres a lot) good articles on the net.

Good luck to your sister.

-- She should be good to go. She was great with her Pentax K1000.


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