Upgrade for a Nex-5n: should I go for alpha-6000 or alpha-7?

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Re: Upgrade for a Nex-5n: should I go for alpha-6000 or alpha-7?

ottonis wrote:

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Hi guys,


You can imagine how grateful I would be if you could help me making up my mind.


The A7 in the hands of a noob will probably deliver worse images than a P&S-camera in the hands of a skilled photographer.

Of course does the A7 have the edge over the A6000 when it comes to IQ and low-light performance, it allows for shallower DOF etc. But will you be able to take advantage of those? This will mostly depend on your skills!

So, if you can (or want to learn) to get the most of a FF camera, you will definitely love the A7. But if you just want a faster 5N, that will allow you to aim and shoot, then the A6000 is probably the better choice for you.

For example, I use to take my time for taking shots: I walk around an object, look for some good framing, look for good light, perspctive, for objects that visually "communicate" with the scenery etc. After that, I take the shot. I am a slow photographer, that's why the 5N (that I still use as my primary camera) serves me fine. If I had to shoot fast moving subjects, I would either have to improve my handling of MF lenses or to get a DSLR or other camera with much improved AF speed (and accuracy).

As you can see: The decision for A6000 vs A7 depends on you (your skills and your plans) rather than on a technical comparison of features of those cameras.

Good luck!

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As I said I wouldn't be scared by the learning curve of the a7....I understand that this wouldn't be the best camera for traveling and I should probably keep the 5n as well for general purposes, but this would be a quite expensive option...of course, if I buy the a7 plus the 35mm I could at leat sell the 24mm f1.8 fand earn a fire amount of money to cover part the investment for the a7...

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