Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Re: Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

Brandon birder wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

samfan wrote:

MattZisk wrote:

It's a mistake to turn off the camera when it's writing files, so the fact that it enable you to do so is a plus.

There's this 3rd alternative that is widely in use you know: if the buffer in writing and the user turns the camera off, the camera DOESN'T TURN OFF! It waits until the buffer is empty and then it can turn off.

That's exactly what the V3 does. What I would have preferred is that the camera does save one more file and then turn off. I want responsiveness.

nunatak wrote:

it could to be mostly you. as the D800 flushes it's buffer, that camera becomes inoperable too. it's a small inconvenience in exchange for not corrupting any of your photos, or significantly adding to the cost of the camera. seriously.

WHAT???? F**k the modern cameras then.

Samsung cameras used to have this problem (hopefully they learned it in the meantime) and I was thinking very, very hard whether to buy EX1 despite of this. A high-end DSLR and an expensive MILC failing at this... I would not believe that.

I think my comment was misread. It's when you turn the camera off *and* it still has files to write. It behaves as you mentioned above. The problem is if you have say 20 images buffered that's a long write and nothing you can do (short of taking out the battery) to make the camera responsive again until it's done with that.

So yes, you can have 20 images to save and continue shooting- it's when you turn the camera off *and* you still have those 20 images to write that this blocking happens.

Toshiba announced UHSII microsd cards today. See other thread. If the V3 can use them the buffer should clear much quicker.

According to the V3 manual it can only support UHS-I cards.

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