D600 back focus on all lenses

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Re: D600 back focus on all lenses

DavePeterson wrote:

To answer the questions:

I used Bob Atkins test method - we have successfully used this method on Canon Pro cameras and Hassleblads. So I have confidence in it.

Tried centre focus point as well as far left and right on all three lenses. Two zooms and 50mm prime. The zooms were tested at mid and extreme focal length.

All lenses showed an extreme back focus of 3-4cm.

As mentioned AF Fine Tuning is not enough to correct the problem. I am looking for a camera correction, not an individual lens correction, if possible. If not, I will send the camera in.

Consider this.  Many believe that the single line type test targets do not provide appropriate results.  Your previous success aside, it might be interesting and productive for you to at least give one of the other targets a go before sending the camera in for service.  Eliminate all possible variables so to speak.

Also, think about experimenting with this:

Delete the corrections for all the individual lenses and set the global default for -20. The adjustment units in the global default are believed to be larger.

If you don't delete the individual lens corrections first they will override the global default.

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