Would you find a "locked" metering mode feature useful?

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They actually do listen

cm71td wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

It would be nice if you could do this on a Nikon. In EV mode the front wheel would change EV rather than aperture. The back wheel would change both shutter speed and aperture while maintaining the exposure value.

A very intuitive and elegant solution.

Agree, something like that would be very helpful.

Nikon, are you listening?

This is a tad off-topic, but I hope you do not mind. There is a very concrete advice about submitting suggestions towards the end of my 'rant'.

Contrary to popular belief, Nikon (and other camera manufacturers) really do listen quite a lot on what users say and think. Among many activities, Nikon do indeed have people following forums like these. Both to pick up specific suggestions and complaints, but also to get a read on how new models are received and how Nikon is perceived in general. But that is just a small part of what they do to get a read of what users think and want.

As a further sidenote, we (participants in forums like this) should be aware we for the most part represent a rather small minority of users. There is a strong tendency in this, and in all the various Dpreview forums (and in others as well) to believe "I am a pretty typical user". Trust me, we are not. The simple fact you are reading this forum at all, and moreover has read this far into a post is a clear sign you are part of a very small minority among camera buyers

What Nikon (and other manufacturers) do to pick up user feedback range from talking (and documenting) feedback they get on fairs and trade shows, they read mails sent to them, they track and follow support cases. They spend a lot of time and effort analyzing support issues, which is after all the most direct feedback they can get. They also do various surveys, in many cases using focus groups. They take in a ton of feedback from professional photographers, like at the last Olympics where they had several people basically doing nothing else then getting extensive feedback about loaner D4s cameras. I have once filled in a questionnaire about a new lens who was, to say the least, extensive. They wanted feedback on everything from how the rubber grips felt, to very detailed impressions on AF or zooming. I have a colleague who fairly regularly provide similar feedback to Canon about his lenses and cameras, they ask about everything.

I have over the past ten years spoken a lot to one of the product specialist at Nikon where I live (Nikon Nordic). I know he spends a lot of his time documenting various feedback, and regularly reporting back to Japan about suggestions, ideas, criticisms and in general what users think about Nikon and about specific products.

And if you want to leave specific feedback nor suggestions how to improve to Nikon there are ways for that too, look for example here.

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