Upgrade for a Nex-5n: should I go for alpha-6000 or alpha-7?

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Re: Upgrade for a Nex-5n: should I go for alpha-6000 or alpha-7?

Cortgen2 wrote:

Hi guys,

My name is Alessio and I'm new in the forum, though I've been frequently reading it. I'm in the middle of the exhausting and sometimes frustrating process of taking such a harsh decision...jumping toward a more complete and moving photography experience.

Hi Alessio!

I'm a (not so much anymore) happy owner of a nex-5n with sel1855, sel50f18, sel24f18 and sel55210. I always shoot M, sometimes A and S, and never in auto. Now I would love to improve my photography experience...before nex 5n I owned a canon eos rebel strike with some lenses.

I would get the A6000.

Then add the E35 and E1018 lenses. Consider at least one legacy lens down the road, just for fun.

You will be happier with this setup than with the A7, for sure.

I've never shot with a full frame camera and have no clue about how it would be. The web is full of pictures taken with both cameras, but it's so hard to find photos coming right out of the camera, as most of the time they are PP processed. Unfortunately, I live in a place where I can't rent some equipments to try out before taking the decision.

PP brings all cameras, lenses, etc. closer together (if done right). However, FF exposures do have a 'special feel' to it - you have more color depth, more details in shadows, more DOF control, more DR - but it is harder to 'get it right' at the same time.

If you are very serious, FF will be more challenging, but also more rewarding.

Given your experience, lens choices, etc., I think that you will be quite happy with upgrading to the A6000 however. This is a lot of camera by itself, don't under-estimate its capabilities.

Alpha 6000 fascinates me as it is a 5n with everything (well, almost...) that the 5n misses, and it seems to have an improved IQ.

You get 24Mp, but I expect the images to be very similar overall, especially at 100% view.

However, I'm much more attracted by the alpha 7. I was wondering whether taking an alpha 7 with the 35mm lens would really feel like you have something different in your hands, especially when you look at pictures. Is the difference in Dynamic range between FF and APS-C sensors so noticeable? Does it make a difference when you look at the photo? And what about color depth and fidelity? is the alpha 7 so much bigger than the 6000?

Yes, yes, and yes - there are benefits. But the A7 + FE35 combination is essentially 'equivalent' to the A6000 + E24Z combination. You give up almost nothing - the extra DR, less shadow noise, etc., is not a major factor when you are improving your skills. Try composition, MF/M-mode, legacy lenses, subject framing, liighting, etc. first.

The A6000 does expose to the left, from what I have read. All Nex and A7 cameras do, to protect highlights, but I understand that the A6000 is a bit more aggressive. This is good if you pp, but you may want to expose to the right sometimes, to get a brighter image (less shadow noise).

I have been reading tens of reviews, forums and comments and I'm more confused than before, as usual. We are of course talking about two different price tags, but lets give this point out of our conversation.

Yeah, but in a way, you get what you pay for. The A6000 is simply a steal.

You can imagine how grateful I would be if you could help me making up my mind.


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