Upgrade for a Nex-5n: should I go for alpha-6000 or alpha-7?

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Re: Upgrade for a Nex-5n: should I go for alpha-6000 or alpha-7?

D Cox wrote:

The lenses you have now will give better results on the A6000, because the APS-C crop mode on the A7 has much lower resolution.

The A6000 has faster autofocus than the A7.

When using the whole FF sensor (not cropped to suit your existing lenses), the A7 will give better image quality, especially in low light. Where it really shines is in street scenes at night. In bright daylight at low ISO settings the difference will be slight and almost imperceptible.

Most A7 and A7r users seem to be mainly using legacy SLR lenses, with extremely good results.

You could almost toss a coin. The price difference is such that you could buy an A6000 and one or two new lenses for the cost of the A7.

If you buy the A6000, will you be constantly looking at your prints and thinking: "This could have been just that little bit better if I had bought the A7" ?

Thank you for your reply. That's exactly the point, if I never try the a7 I'll never know how much better it might be...I wouldn't use the a7 with the lenses I have now, and this is another point to consider...I should sell some of them (zeus 24mm for sure) to afford the price of the a7, and use a7 only with the 35mm for some time before saving money to eventually buy other lenses. I know that the only solution would be to have both, go around, take the same pictures with both and make comparisons, but unfortunately it's something I cannot do.

I'm usually impressed by great performances in terms of shallow DOF and DR, that's the main reason why I would be tempted by the a7...and the question is...if I take the same picture with my zeiss 24mm f1.8 and the a6000 and the zeiss 35mm 2.8 on the a7 to a high contrast subject, with strong lights and shadows, would I notice a significant difference? what is the 3D effect some people mention when talking about pictures taken with FF sensors?

These questions are killing me

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