Is the Panasonic 14-45 the best "kit" zoom?

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Re: Some Sort of Comparison.

eques wrote:

fevan wrote:

Is the consensus that the Pany 14-45 is the best optically?

I don't know, but I compared it to the Panasonic 1,7/20 at 20mm:

14-45 at 20mm; 1600x1200 crop from the centre

20mm, 1600x1200 crop near the centre

You can see, the 20mm is a little sharper, but not much.
However, things are different at 45mm. I compared the 14-45 at 45 and F5,6 to a Minolta MC 1,4/50mm at F4, which is the nearest FL I have.

14-45 at 45mm, centre crop 1600x1200px

Minolta 50mm. centre crop 1600x1200px

In spite of the changed lighting (clouds came when I got the Minolta) you can clearly see, the 40 year old Minolta is much sharper.

You can also see, that the 14-45 has a yellowish tinge, even compared to the 1,7/20.

I hope, this helps.

Sorry, but either something went wrong with your capture with the 14-45 at 45 or there's something wrong with your copy. That's certainly not representative of what the lens can do. I usually shoot it very slightly stopped down at 45 for best performance but I managed to find one image that I had shot wide open at f/5.6 and post it full size below for your pixel peeping pleasure. Straight out of LR 4.4 with only default sharpening and no extra sharpening at the export stage.

I have a Minolta MD 50/1.4 (a generation later than yours). While I haven't tested it side by side with the 14-45, I doubt that it would beat it, at least with the 14-45 stopped down very slightly. What you see here is the weakest spot of the lens (wide open, long end). So anyone who can live with what you see here is likely to be happy with it.

Note the wedding photography going on out there in the snow. That's what you have to count on if you get married in Sweden.

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